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Rose to the Rescue aims to build long term relationships with clients by providing the best value in administrative services to suit all budgets. R2TR has designed packages that can easily simplify any challenging administrative task. 

Send a note to rficco@gmail.com to book your Rescue Packages.


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Rescue Business Etiquette

As business owners, we all walk around with our business cards and the point of carrying them is to pass them on to prospective clients. BUT, here's the thing! We have no problem passing them out but when we collect business cards, we don't put them to good use. If anything, we store them in boxes, wallets, purses, drawers, car dashboards, etc.

What good are they there??

RESQ’s Business Etiquette Tip
When someone gives you their business card, the first thing to do is follow up with an "It was great to meet you" email that will allow you to continue the conversation. The next thing is to add the contact to a list you can expand on….because after all, you want to drum in more business right?

If you know a small business who could use an administrative rescue SPREAD THE WORD!

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