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ROSE TO THE RESCUE - Virtual Administrative Specialist 

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Are you a business owner consumed with more administrative tasks than needed throughout the day? Is time playing a big role in trying to get everything done and feeling exhausted at the end of day? Do you have a deadline or project coming up and you don't have enough hands? Well, if you can relate to any of this, I'm here to rescue you and your team!

Rose to the Rescue offers both ad hoc tasks and ongoing administrative support to business owners like you. Rescues can include creation of newsletter campaigns, blogs, document templates, website editing, database management, event planning and much more...

Client Examples:

Newsletter campaigns (Fleming Realty Inc & DeLauretis Wealth Management)

Website Editing (Fleming Realty Inc. & DeLauretis Wealth Management)

Rescuing Tasks One Client at a Time

I have been serving clients in a range of businesses from financial planners to real estate agents, home stagers and local nonprofit organizations. The fun part of my work is each client has particular needs. Some tasks are easy to complete like coordinating a mail merge, managing data or editing a website. Some tasks can be challenging, like the first time I was asked to create a magazine. 

The conversation went something like this, "Rose, do you know how to create a magazine?" Before I had a chance to think about it, I blurted out, 'YES!". But, a second later I explained that I had never done such a thing. The response from my client was, 'No problem, we trust you". When someone says that, you just have to pull through. And that's what I did with many hours of agony only because I wanted to created something they would be thrilled with - AND they were! The beauty of this experience was being able to do it again for another client. 

All these experiences have opened up a Pandora's box of creativity that has been stored way deep for too long. So, I'm ready for any challenge -  send me a note if you need a rescue on the time-consuming tasks that I can take care of while allowing you time to get on with other things – like run your business, making money, enhancing customer service, getting referrals or bringing in new clients.

Hiring me means You automatically SAVE money with:
No Office Overhead

No CPP or EI Contributions

No Annual Income

No Vacation Time Off

No waste of time

With over 20 years’ experience as a Senior Administrative Manager, I had the pleasure of working with the following non profit associations in Ontario.

Ontario Chamber of Commerce

Canadian Franchise Association

Caledon Chamber of Commerce

Treasury Management Association of Canada

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Rescuing Life One Day at a Time

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