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Rose to the Rescue
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    Rocking the Rescue

    How Rose Works

    ROSE TO THE RESCUE - Virtual Administrative Specialist 

    Reliable l Efficient l Supportive l Creative l Understanding l Empathetic 

    Are you looking for assistance because a deadline or project is coming up and you don't have enough hands? If so, I'm here to rescue you and your team with administrative projects.

    Rose to the Rescue offers both ad hoc tasks and ongoing administrative support to small business owners so they can focus on their core business. R2TR can save you money by working on the time-consuming tasks that allow you time to get on with other things – like making money, enhancing customer service, getting referrals or bringing in new clients.

    You save money with:

    • No Office Overhead
    • No CPP or EI Contributions
    • No Annual Income
    • No Vacation Time Off
    • No waste of time

    Rose has over 20 years’ experience as a Senior Administrative Manager, having had the pleasure of working for the following trade associations in Ontario.

    • Ontario Chamber of Commerce
    • Canadian Franchise Association
    • Treasury Management Association of Canada

    Fees are based on your specific needs. No project is too big or small. Send me an email to find out more information at

    P.S. – Please feel free to pass this on to someone who might need a rescue too! 

    About Rose

    My career in organizing started at a young age.  I grew up in an environment where household chores were a priority to playing on the streets with friends. Learning how to make a bed, vacuum, do laundry, clean the bathroom and keeping a closet clutter free was routine. 

    My parents were not strict by no means, they liked it when the house was clean because the priority to play was when they would entertain. They were the social butterflies of the community and it was a passion for them to set up a party, no matter what the occasion. This did not occur only at Thanksgiving and Christmas, they found reasons to celebrate any available weekend.

    In my school years, I caught the organizing bug mainly when it came to social events. I remember being in grade 7 and asking the Principal if I could organize school dances for classmates. I presented a plan of the themed events we could hold through the school year and offered to sell tickets for $5. The money raised was for props, a DJ and refreshments so it wouldn't dig into the school's budget. He laughed but didn't say no. He liked the idea and said he was willing to give it a try. Well, with his faith in me and my friends, we managed these social dances right up until grade 12. We actually went from school dances to community center dances and when we graduated, we rented out banquet halls to host dances.

    In college, I took Business Administration and didn't make it through the first year as I was just not getting it. The 2nd year, I enrolled in the Travel & Tourism course and again, didn't finish. Not because I didn't pass with flying colors, but because I didn't have enough money to pay for the 2nd year. I was stubborn and wouldn't take help from my parents. Instead my career started on an assembly line at Chrysler. I wasn't enjoying the work but the pay was too good to pass up. I spent seven years there and then the plant shut down.

    Somehow, while trying to find ways to reinvent myself, I was given the opportunity to run a family butcher shop for four short years. While there were happy moments, I learned very sadly how it feels when a business goes bankrupt. Not the easiest thing to go through, but somehow life just keeps moving on. And so did I by spending the last 20 years taking courses to work for various non profit associations.

    Working with others is why I created Rose to the Rescue. My plan is to teach people how to become organized no matter what the situation. Whether it be your home, your office or your life. My perspective is ‘a person who is free of clutter has more time and energy to live a celebrated life’. Maintaining this attitude might sound like too much work when in reality, if efforts are made daily, the habit is formed. This allows you more time to enjoy what's important - enjoying life!

    The focus in my life has always been lending a hand, giving good advice and supporting those in need. I will go out of my way to serve each person with dignity and respect. I am very innovative and quite the problem solver. If I see something that doesn’t make sense, you will know as I don't have a poker face. I am quite resourceful and creative if need be. I understand and know how to communicate with people even if the subject is delicate. I can be trusted as loyalty is my main attribute….and the other is having fun.I know life is too short to be surrounded by clutter and chaos so let me teach you how to live a more organized and happier life.

    Rescuing Life One Day at a Time! 

    Your Admin Rescue is a Call Away

    Fees are based on your specific needs. No project is too big or small. Send me an email to find out more information at

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